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 Click on this link HERE to go to the Baldwin County Parcel Viewer.  Zoom in on the county and then the neighborhood.  When you have zoomed in close enough to read the green parcel number on a lot, click on that number and an information box will appear.  This will give you the name of the person (or company) that is responsible for the property taxes. 


Those plants with the large plumes you see along the beach may look like weeds, but they are a vital part of the ecosystem. Sea oats play an important role in coastal conservation. That’s why signs are posted along the beach asking you to avoid areas where there is plant vegetation or a dunes restoration project. And whatever you do, don’t pick the sea oats. It’s illegal and you could be fined. Thank you for understanding how important the sea oats are and working to protect our beaches.


Here is some information for those of you who wish to have a floodlight installed in front of your house. Baldwin EMC   provided the following price guide for installing a floodlight on

an existing pole.   Charges will be added to your monthly bill. 

100 watt sodium bulb - $125 installation  + $6.50 per month

150 watt sodium bulb - $125 installation  + $7.70 per month

50 watt LED bulb - $175 installation  + $6.07 per month

Obviously if there is no existing pole, the cost will be more to cover the installation of new pole.